Small Group Connect

No one needs another meeting or one more thing to put on their ‘to do’ list. But everyone needs a place to belong with friends who encourage them in their faith. That’s what small groups are all about. This six-part series will challenge the people of your small group to connect with God and one another. We’ll ask them to think and pray about why they’re involved, how they participate, and how their group is making a difference in their lives and community.

Each session is 10 minutes or less and designed to complement what you’re already doing. It’s not a curriculum. It’s a systematic tool for Small Groups that will draw the people of your group into deeper relationships, help them understand how they can be better organized and more effective for ministry and make the most of their small group time together. Every individual and every group will be challenged with this one question, “What’s our next step of faith?

01 | Me, We, Them

Me, We, Them focuses on three dynamic elements of every Small Group and how these elements, when balanced, bring a Small Group to life!

02 | The Big Idea

The Big Idea focuses on what it means to be part of a ‘tribe’, a small group. Seth Godin says every tribe is a group of people, big or small, connected to one another, a leader and an idea. The big idea for your group is your mission. It’s based on who you are, what you want to accomplish and your specific method for getting it done.

03 | Live, Work, Learn, Play, Need

In Live, Work, Learn, Play, Need we’ll learn that every great relationship starts with an introduction. Jesus had a pattern for ministry. He would meet people where they are and encourage them to take their next step of faith. He met people where they live, work, learn, play and at their point of need. Our groups can do the same.

04 | Bold Statements

With Bold Statements we’ll look at Acts 4:29 and see that the first steps of the first small group were defined by bold prayers that led to bold answers that became bold statements of faith and produced bold actions. We’ll consider what it means to ask God to give us boldness to speak his Word as He makes it crystal clear to the world that we belong to Jesus.

05 | Draw a Circle

In Draw a Circle we get practical. We discover what it takes for a group to stay focused, fulfill your mission, introduce people to Jesus and encourage them in their faith. A Small Group is the most basic unit of organized ministry in the church.  Anytime a group of people get together to accomplish a big idea there has to be a certain level of organization and communication. Draw a Circle gives groups and easy way to evaluate what questions need answers and what responsibilities need fulfilled. It’s a challenge to everyone in the group to participate and for us to remember that in ministry we are never alone.

06 | Don’t Think, Just Throw

Don’t Think, Just Throw challenges small group participants to finish strong. You’ve spent the last several weeks learning what it takes to build a healthy small group. You’ve defined your big idea, decided how you intend to accomplish your mission and established responsibilities for people within the group. You know what to do and how to do it. All that’s left is practice.