What’s the difference between a soldier and a citizen; an artist and an amateur, an athlete and a spectator; a mercenary and a missionary? The difference is living your life on mission. As Believers in Jesus Christ, we are on mission. The question is whether or not we will accept it. So often we say we want to make a difference but we stop short of doing what it takes to actually get the job done. Are you ready? Now…go put on your shoes.


As a Believer in Jesus Christ, you have had a life-changing experience, one that has altered you on a fundamental level. Every day you discover in you new abilities and new strengths that allow you to accomplish the unbelievable mission God has for you. It’s time to set aside your mild-mannered alter ego. Release the superhero inside of you.


Jesus had a plan for equipping and encouraging His followers. He met them where they were in order to take them where they should be. He is doing the same for you.