The Campaign for America

I enjoy talking about politics. I’m teaching a class this semester on Sunday nights called ‘The Campaign for America‘. It’s about those issues of politics that intersect with Scripture.

If you’re a Christian the principles and precepts found in the Bible should inform the way you vote. More than that, they should define how you ‘campaign’ for those issues & candidates you support. Elections are not won by proving how right you are and how stupid, foolish, or ignorant your opponent is. Elections are won by winning the hearts and minds of people. You see this principle in Scripture. Jesus could have won every argument with a word. He could have belittled and shamed everyone who disagreed with him and been right to do so, but he didn’t. Not because he couldn’t or shouldn’t, but because that was not his purpose. He didn’t come to prove points or win arguments.

He came to win you. 

He came to win your heart, your mind and your soul. Not by force of law, but by the mercy of grace. Not through the brilliance of his debate skills, but by demonstration of his love.

If you’re a Believer you have a responsibility to be involved in the political debates of our time. There is also a Biblical mandate for how your debates should be framed.

Stop trying to win the argument. Instead, seek to win the heart, mind & soul of your opponent.

This is how the world changes.

Galatians 5:22-26

Matthew 5