Truth Investment

Today you read and finished 3 John – let’s go to Philemon next. It’s only one chapter so you can finish the entire book in one day!

3 John 1


3 John 1:11, “Dear friend, don’t let this bad example influence you. Follow only what is good. Remember that those who do good prove that they are God’s children, and those who do evil prove that they do not know God.” (NLT)


Faithful to the truth. That’s the theme of this short book. Will you be faithful to the truth? Will you support those who teach truth or will you follow the bad example of someone who seems to be something.

Leadership is an interesting quality. It seems when people discover someone is really REALLY GOOD at one thing we believe they have the authority to speak about MANY THINGS. We see this in sports and entertainment. Why would we assume that a man who’s spent his life training to make touchdowns has the expertise to tell us what car to drive? How does being an exceptional actor qualify you to speak with authority on political issues?

We all follow this pattern. Find someone who can do ONE THING really well and we’ll believe they can speak with authority about MANY THINGS.


It’s why it’s important to know the truth and test those who claim to speak it. 3 John 1:11 gives us the test. Does the ‘truth’ they speak line up with the ‘good’ defined by God? If it does they are worth following. If it doesn’t, run away.

The application here is practical.

  1. Know the truth, God’s truth. He’s shown it to you in His Word. So, get to know God’s word.
  2. Test those who claim to speak the truth. How? Measure their words, actions and the product of their choices by God’s Word.
  3. Support those who speak the truth. Stand with them. Share their message. Give to their cause. The truth is valuable. Invest in it.
  4. Learn to do ONE THING really well. From this one thing you will earn the influence to speak with authority about MANY THINGS.


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for giving us your truth. Thank you for your Word. Help me to remember what you’ve said, how you’ve said it and what I’m supposed to do about it. Allow me the privilege of supporting those who promote your truth. Give me the wisdom, resources, strength and endurance to invest in those who speak, live and produce the blessings of truth in others.

I love you, in Jesus name –