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Go Deeper – Frantic, A.K.A ‘Turning the Corner’

I’ve been thinking…I know, it’s a bit unusual and I avoid it as often as possible because, frankly, it hurts a lot. Regardless, I’ve been thinking. “About what have you been thinking?” the astute observer would ask, and you being very astute observers most certainly are wondering. And so tell you I shall. (Obviously all […]

Go Deeper – FREEDOM

Go Deeper – Freedom Happy Independence Day – I hope you all celebrated with friends, family and high explosives! We’ve spoken the last several weeks about how our political freedom has it’s foundation in our spiritual freedom. We’ve been reminded that true freedom is independence from sin and dependence on God. We sang the song, […]

Geographic Humor

First of all – thanks to everyone who last week sent feedback of some variety about theScore. I always love hearing from you. And your words were too kind. Because of time our rehearsals are often about ‘getting it done’ but ‘getting to know you’ is really what it’s all about. Thanks for being ‘get […]

Go Deeper – Evaluate

I wonder sometimes…are you reading? Are you paying attention? The truth is I thrive on feedback. Tell me I did well. Tell me it stunk. Tell me you loved it or hated it. My ego may swell, my feelings may get hurt. Scream at me or smile at me, but whatever you do, don’t ignore […]

Stuff, Things & People

This week Londa, Melissa and I are in Chicago. We are at the Arts Conference at Willow Creek Community Church. It’s the same church that hosts the Leadership Summit. You can check out the other ministries of Willow Creek by visiting www.willowcreek.com. God is really doing great things here and using this church to influence […]

Go Deeper – Are You Eval?

theScore is changing! – see what lies ahead online @ www.thefarpoint.blogspot.com! Go Deeper – Are You Eval? I was watching something on TV the other day. These guys were jumping motor cycles over ramps. They were amazing! One guy jumped his bike about 40 feet in the air, came off the seat, grabbed the back […]

Go Deeper – Running on Empty

theScore is changing! – see what lies ahead online @ www.thefarpoint.blogspot.com! Go Deeper – Running on Empty Have you ever run out of gas? I think for women running out of gas is just an inconvenience, but for men…it’s something much deeper. When a man runs out of gas it’s as though he’s betrayed all […]

Post Your Favorites!

Hey All, New to blogging? One of the great things about a blog is that you can not only see what’s been written in the past, but you can also post your own comments about what’s being written. I would LOVE to hear from you. You can post comments by clicking on the button at […]

Made for Change

Last night was the end of an 8 year run for a TV show I really enjoy. It’s been interesting to watch how this show and its characters have changed over time. But what’s more interesting is the way the show ended. They made it very clear that the story was not yet finished – […]


Have you seen the movie The Untouchables? It’s old school. Kevin Costner & Sean Connery. It’s about the guys who brought down Al Capone. Great flick. Al says something interesting during the movie. “You can always get further with a kind word and a gun than with just a kind word.” I guess what he’s […]