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What You Can’t Hear

Imagine building a life doing the thing that brings you the most joy.

You find a way to transform this joy into a career. You invest every ounce of effort into becoming world class at what you do. You receive global acclaim as the best of your age. Historians will one day look back on your contributions to declare you a history maker, an innovator, one whose creations changed everything.

Post Reload – 7 Days of Devos

Here’s what you may have missed @theFarpoint this week. Spring Forward A Holy Marriage | Licensed By God A Happy Marriage | Who Do You Like Most? A Healthy Marriage | I Choose You Messing with Your Kids A Prayer for My Family Post Reload – 7 Days of Devos

Post Reload – 7 Days of Devos

Something Fantastic in :40 Seconds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5beoRa_HR8o The kids are cute, but the truth they speak is fantastic. It’s not not cliche’. It’s not old, dead stodgy religion. It’s real. How will you let it influence you today? Find life. Life Interrupted – Pt. 2 Saul had a plan. He was a brilliant young man with […]