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For Goodness Sake, What Good Are You?

I like good people. The world is filled with good people. The problem is that good is not the standard. Jesus is the standard. Following him isn’t about being good. It’s about becoming godly. It’s not about being better than most. It’s about trusting Jesus to forgive our sin. Jesus will forgive the worst thing you’ve ever done. More than that, he will forgive the worst thing you haven’t done yet.

It’s a Crying Shame

Shame doesn’t seem to have much influence these days. Reality TV, Youtube, even the nightly news prove that people are willing to do almost anything for 15 minutes of fame. In spite of this fact our culture still likes to use shame to try to motivate people to do things their way.

Safety & Security or Suffer & Sacrifice

There’s so much about following Jesus that is counter-cultural. It’s backwards from what the world says to do. It’s not just counter-culture, it’s the opposite of our natural predisposition. While I may not have perfected following in his footsteps I have gotten comfortable with many of these ideas and try to practice them. I’ll bet you have too. But there is still one principle I, and most Christians really struggle with today. It’s the idea that we should be willing to suffer for our faith.

Backstage: The Perfect Highlights Reel

Because of the work I do I’ve had the privilege of being on both sides of the stage. I’ve been the artist leading worship. I’ve been the preacher entrusted to deliver the message. I’ve been the actor or emcee. In my current position I’m often the Minister of Announcements. I’m comfortable on the other side of the stage as well.

Parents: Making Kids Believe You

One of the most challenging parts of being a parent is learning how to navigate those areas of life where you and your child disagree. Because my wife was leading an event at church I was Mr. Mom last night. After we played outside I looked at my boys and said, “Bath time!” When mom says that there’s not usually an argument, just simple obedience. They hop up and get in the bath. But last night we enjoyed a guy’s night together and they weren’t done playing. My oldest son whined, my middle son pouted. My youngest son informed me that the Hulk doesn’t take a bath! Clearly that’s reason enough for him to skip his daily splash down!

Story: Does Your Life Ring True?

Everyone enjoyed begin around Leon Shearhart. He was a big man with a big personality. As an owner, sales rep and DJ for KVOO Radio Leon spent much of his time talking with people on the air and off. When he wasn’t telling a joke he was laying down wisdom using his best John Wayne impersonation.

Post-Christian: Leaving Faith Behind

For more than 2000 years the Christian faith has influenced art, culture, government, economics and science. For a thousand years the church was the storehouse of knowledge, the stimulus for original thought and on the cutting edge of art and academics. We still experience the effect.