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3 Irresistible Reasons to Get Away with Anything

Let’s be honest. I really like to do what I want, when I want, the way I want. I don’t like to be told no. And I certainly don’t like someone to call my choices sinful. So I’ve developed these three irresistible reasons to help me get away with anything. Just read the headings and you’ll get the idea. But don’t stop there.

Afraid Not…

There’s a feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. It happens when you step up to the plate when you play baseball. It happens when you step on a stage to say your lines. It happens when someone surprises you and jumps out at you from behind a door. That feeling you get – we call that fear. But what if it’s really something more?

Do You Follow?

Jesus was so secure with who He was that He had no anxiety being around the dysfunction of others. He was never concerned that being around “those people” would somehow rub off on Him.

He would comfortably interact with rich & poor, sinners & self-righteous. His comfort would extend beyond Himself to make those trapped in their own dysfunction believe they could follow Him and find something more.

A Legacy of Faithfulness

This weekend, two friends, two fathers in ministry, finished their race and went home to be with Jesus. Bro. Paul Box was my first pastor. Dr. Mike Compton was my College Pastor. I am grateful for Bro. Paul and for Mike. I hope to live up to the legacy of faith they invested in me. They will be missed.

Riots, Revolution and Resolution

The world tuned in last night to watch the sadness and outrage as a community was torn apart by the choices of a few. Regardless of what you believe about this situation, it’s difficult to see how burning down a pizza place or pharmacy brings justice or builds a strong, vibrant and thriving community. Put simply, riots don’t work.

Budget Vision

A church budget is a vision document. It tells the story, financially, of the dreams, priorities and expectations of a church. Every line item reflects a belief that investing or spending these resources in this way will magnify the gospel…

Black Friday Hot Deals!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Did you notice? Today is Black Friday. We’ll brave the cold and crowds to win that amazing deal on a Christmas gift for our kids, friends and loved ones. We may even find a little something for ourselves.