An Experience God Will Never Have

1400505_10151919400721146_654549344_oTuesday night was busy. Caedmon and Ethan both had ball games at different times and in different places while Jaiden had softball practice. With a minivan, SUV, Google maps and a fluxcapacitor my wife and I successfully got everyone where they needed to be and were able to watch much of all of it.

Caedmon’s game was last. It was the first night of league play and he pitched a few innings. He did really well. It was essentially three up, three down. Not all were struck out, but several, and no one scored. Needless to say, I’m a proud dad.

But there’s more. I enjoy sports, but I’ve never been good at them. Have you ever felt the pride of a parent watching your child succeed at something you never have and never will be able to do?

I’m blessed. This often happens to me as I watch my kids. They continuously succeed in ways and things I never could. Yes, I’m a proud dad.

As I watched Caedmon play I had a thought. There is one feeling, one emotion, one experience God has reserved for us that he will never experience himself. It is the pride of a parent watching their child succeed at something the parent could never do themselves.

Certainly God understands. But what will I ever do that God couldn’t do even better? He may be proud of my choice, or honored by my actions, but he will never experience the pride of a father watching his son succeed where he has been unsuccessful.

Scripture says God’s thoughts toward us are more numerous than the sands of the sea. Evidently he’s custom designed some experiences simply for the delight of his children.

It leads to a few thoughts…

Take time today to be impressed by your kids and let them know. There’s something powerful about helping a child understand that they can do something you cannot.

For some, the most important thing you’ll ever accomplish won’t be something you do. It will be someone you raise.

Give thanks to the God who has custom designed these moments for your delight.

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