Bring the Pain

Nahum 2


Nahum 2:2 “Even though the destroyer has destroyed Judah, the Lord will restore its honor. Israel’s vine has been stripped of branches, but he will restore its splendor.” (NLT)


Today’s observation comes from Andy Harrison – you can read more from him on Facebook. Just click his name. I read his post just after reading Nahum 2 this morning. It fits today’s moment.

“Sometimes the rescue of God looks and feels nothing like a rescue. Sometimes it looks like an all out assault on the beaches of your life. His troops land and march straight to the headquarters of your sin. His reconnaissance has been perfect and He knows the exact location of your strongholds. Yes, the rescue you’ve been hoping for may not lie in the steadfastness of your resistance, but may come in spite of it, through the pain of your complete surrender.” – Andy Harrison

You may not understand the wrath and judgement of God. You may think him cruel for punishing sin or allowing people to experience the consequence of their choices but the heart behind the punishment is love. The purpose of the consequence is redemption. His desires is restoration. In these moments the brutality of his methods are not a reflection of his severity, but of our rebellion.


Where do you face resistance? What is the cause of the friction in your life? Maybe that friction is an indicator. I know a lot of people who have had knee replacement surgery. Before their knee gave out they experienced pain. The pain was an indicator of a problem that needed to be addressed. The surgery itself was painful. The recovery required work. Sin produces the same effect in our lives. Where are you in the process?

The friction in your life is an indicator. The pain helps identify the source of the problem. The solution may hurt. It may require time to recover, but the outcome is preferable to the devastation of sin left untended. Today – examine the pain.


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your forgiveness and mercy. Thank you for caring enough to not let me go. Today, help me pay attention to the friction in my life. Help me notice the challenges and difficulties. Help me see them the way you see them. Use these moments to reshape me into your image, to strengthen my character, to allow me to become what you’ve designed me to be. I don’t want to resist, but to surrender, to your work in my life.

Do this same thing for my family. When it’s time to correct or instruct my kids let them understand the correction. Let them see what’s right and choose it. When I’m wrong let me confess.

I love you, in Jesus name –

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