We Get it Free


My family got to spend Spring Break in Washington D.C. It was interesting to watch people. All over Washington people were running. Running to meetings. Running to lunch. Running for health. Running to something. Running from something. It’s an amazing place to run. There you are in the shadow of the White House, the Capital, the Washington Monument, the Memorials and the Smithsonian. It’s beautiful.

In the middle of all the runners were people and families like ours. Tourists. It was easy to tell the difference. Tourists were wide-eyed with wonder, caught in the solemn moment of the World War II Memorial or enraptured by the words of the Gettysburg Address at the Lincoln Monument. It was humbling to consider, in light of these men and their words and deeds, exactly how small my contribution to this world has really been.

As I considered this thought another runner ran blissfully by.

I was reminded of something. My family paid to go to Washington. We set aside time for the purpose of travel and discovery. We arranged our schedule to be in that moment. Being there cost us something. For the runners, every day they see another free landmark on the path of their race.

Do we value something less when we get it free? When something is familiar, when the mystery is gone and there is less to discover do we hold it cheap?

Salvation has a cost, but it’s a price you didn’t pay. Do you value it less because it’s available and accessible? Are you so familiar with your spouse, your kids or your family that you hold these relationships cheap?

Free does not mean cheap. Familiar does not mean boring.

Stop running. Value the history being made all around you.

“You were bought at a price…” 1 Corinthians 6:20

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