Spring Forward

It is the day of perdition.

That fateful time on the calendar when some politician somewhere conspires with some mathematician somewhere else to deprive me of an hour. I think it’s time to rise up and demand our rights.

I want my hour back!

I can hear the politician’s response, “You don’t deserve that hour. You wouldn’t do anything productive with it. You’ld just sleep a little longer or stay up a little later. You’ld waste 60 more minutes on Facebook watching videos of cats that look like Hitler!”

I can hear the mathematician’s response, “You’re not really losing anything. You’ll get it back in the Fall. Theoretically, this brings the world back into balance, so it’s necessary. You’ll hardly notice.”

Tell that to my lazy eyelids and weary bones as I get up for church in the morning!

I want my hour back!

Yesterday, you had 24 hours. Today you have 23. Sometime this Fall you’ll have 25 hours all in one day. What will you do with the time? Someone reading this blog or surfing the same internet as you will use that hour to create the next great social movement, invent the company that will replace Apple or discover a new way to provide for the poor.

But not most of us. We’ve got more funny cat videos to watch.

Proverbs 12:27, “Diligence is man’s precious possession.”

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