Warning: Hope Ahead

Proverbs 13:12

A little bit of hope is a dangerous thing.

Hope is a powerful motivator. It can elect Presidents, define career choices and cause 10 year old boys to send their first valentine.  History demonstrates that the United States economy is the greatest wealth building engine the world has ever known. It’s an economy built on hope. Hope that the work I do today will pay greater dividends tomorrow. Hope that the future for our children and their children will be better than our current condition today.  Hope that my choices will have lasting value.

Hope fills us up, drives us forward and gives us the fuel we need to build a dream. ‘Hope’ is the defining motivator of this generation.

  • Leaders offer hope.
  • Servants satisfy hope.
  • Followers look for hope.

Hope is like nitroglycerin. Applied correctly it can be the catalyst that propels you and your organization further than you ever imagined possible. But use with caution. Handled carelessly hope is a raging and destructive force. There’s a Proverb that says, “Hope deferred makes a heart sick.” Think about the power of that statement. The very idea that tomorrow will be better than today is enough to raise your spirit and motivate you to act. While the thought, not the reality, but the thought that tomorrow could be exactly the same, or worse, leaves you drained, depressed, discouraged and doubting yourself, your organization, the leaders you follow and the followers you serve.

A little bit of hope is a dangerous thing.

Where is your hope? What hope are you offering others? Will you keep your promise? Will you lift someone up or make their heart sick? Will the hope you have and the hope you offer be the fuel that propels you forward or the destructive force that derails your dream?

Hope applied. It’s a powerful thing.


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