What’s the Big Idea?

Colossians 1:28

Seth Godin says a tribe is any group of people, large or small, connected to one another a leader and an idea.

Everyone’s part of a tribe. Most people are part of several different tribes. There’s the business you’re in, the church you attend, your kids little league team, your neighborhood association and your gym. That’s just to name a few. What tribes are you in? Are you a participant in your tribes or a leader? Are you an instigator? Are you connecting with people who share your big idea and challenging them to move forward together to bring that big idea to life? How do you find your big idea in the first place?

The idea behind your tribe is your mission. It’s your vision. It’s that thing your group feels compelled to accomplish together. How do you identify your big idea?

Your big idea is an expression of who you already are.

Maybe you’re a 30-something year old biker with preschool kids or a 20-something college student who plays guitar. You could be a 48 year old business leader sandwiched between teenagers and aging parents. Your big idea starts as an expression of who you already are.

Your big idea is a statement of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Identify who you are. Decide what you want to do. If your tribe is filled with athletes the goal is likely to win. Marketing tribes want to sell. Political tribes elect. Church tribes…you get the idea. The statement isn’t likely complicated, but clearly identifying what you’re trying to do together is key. You see this on little league teams. Some parents want their kids to win. Other parents want their kids to learn and enjoy the game. Different statements will eventually cause players – families really – on these teams to break up the tribe. It may get personal, but it doesn’t have to. The reason for the imminent separation is natural and easy to identify. These families may have opted, for a time, into the same tribe, but as they play it becomes clear they’re not really sharing the same big idea.

Your bid idea is a method for how you bring your big idea to life.

If your tribe is a baseball team it doesn’t do much good to practice soccer. If your tribe is a rock and roll band your mad skills with a tuba aren’t likely much help. The method you choose to accomplish your big idea should be an expression of who you already are based on the statement of what you’re trying to accomplish and how you intend to bring that dream to life.

This is how you become a leadership instigator. Identify your people. Challenge them with the big idea and move forward together.

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