Me, We, Them

Small Group ConnectMatthew 10:1-42

I’ve heard it said you should never doubt that a small group of committed individuals can change the world. Do you know why?

It’s the only thing that ever has.

With nothing more than a noble idea, ink and a pen 56 men sign their name to the Declaration of Independence and a nation is born!

In a small town on the Sea of Galilee four men carry their paralyzed friend to the roof of a house where a popular preacher is teaching the crowd. They open a hole in the roof, lower their friend, and a miracle happens! The preacher heals the man! Their paralyzed friend picks up his bed and walks home.

With 11 other men an uneducated fisherman joins an unconventional Rabbi. For three and half years they live, work, learn and play together. They come to believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. After His death, burial and resurrection this small group of 11 men continue a movement that spreads around the world. We’re still talking about it more than 2000 years later!

It’s amazing what a small group of people, committed to God and one another can do.

Everyone’s part of a small group. The question is whether or not your group will draw you and others deeper in your walk with Jesus or push you further away from Him. No matter what the nature of your group is, there are three things that influence your decision to take part.

  • ME – What I do to live and speak my faith where I am.
  • WE – What we do to live and speak our faith where we are.
  • THEM – What I do with you to reach them with the gospel.

Said more bluntly –

  • What’s in it for me?
  • How are we better together?
  • Will people outside our group benefit from the activity together?

Take time to evaluate the groups in which you participate. Is your participation all about what you get out of it? Is it all about what you can accomplish together? Is it about how you can affect the lives of others? It’s not healthy for a group to get stuck in any one of these three elements. Is your group stuck or well balanced?

Are you part of a group at all?

Jesus mentored 12 men who changed the world forever. They were a tight group of friends, but they weren’t a closed group. Matthew 10:1-42 gives us a snapshot of one thing they did together. What do you think of the group Jesus assembled and the mission they accomplished? How does that group relate to yours?

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