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Every Great Relationship…

Introduce YourselfYou’re probably like me. If you attend church regularly I’ll bet you sit in basically the same place every week. It’s a pattern I’ve followed since I was a kid. Welcoming guests during a worship service is also a typical feature in the churches I’ve attended. We’ll break the rhythm of the service to welcome one another and give the congregation time to introduce themselves to people sitting nearby.

Because I usually sit in the same place I often greet the same people every week. This was true when I was in college too. Every week come in, sing a little, pray together, turn around and shake a hand. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Then came the day I turned around to shake a hand and saw someone I’d not seen before. There wasn’t a lot of time, but I knew this was someone I needed to meet. I made my way past a few familiar folks and extended a hand, “Hey, I’m Chad. It’s good to see you. I’m glad you’re here.” It was a typical, nonchalant, church service ‘welcome-of-guests’ kind of greeting. She smiled, looked me in the eyes, took my hand and said, “I’m Londa. Nice to meet you.” In that moment, my world changed.

It wasn’t like the movies. There were no fireworks. I didn’t imagine the two of us running toward one another, arms open, on a beach. Time didn’t stand still. But there was something.

What began as an introduction became a relationship. More than 16 years and 4 kids later I’m married to the woman of my dreams!

It reminds of something. Every great relationship starts with an introduction.

  • What opportunities will you have tomorrow because of people you meet today?
  • What possibilities will you miss simply because you didn’t take the time to get to know someone’s name?
  • Is it possible someone is waiting for you to introduce them to someone else who will change their life forever?

That’s what happend in John 1:35-51. It’s a series of introductions. John the Baptist introduces Andrew and John (who becomes the apostle) to Jesus. They introduce Jesus to Andrew’s brother, Peter. They all go together to get Philip who introduces them to Nathaniel. One by one Jesus is introduced to the men who become His 12 Disciples. Certainly he called them, but that call started with an introduction. What happens next changes the history of our world forever.

Every great relationship starts with an introduction. Who will you introduce today?

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