Finding Your Way

It’s entirely possible GPS was invented for me. I’m quick to confess, I’m geographically challenged. I’m not one of those masculine wonders who can tell you which direction is north while standing in the bottom of a cave. I’m lucky to get it right if I’m next to I-35 & I-40 in Oklahoma City – they follow the compass rose.

While geolocation may not come naturally for me I’m not prone to get lost either. When driving I’ve made it my habit to follow a car that looks like it knows where it’s going. I may not always end up where I intend to be, but I almost always end up where I need to be. Finding my way is always an adventure.

Finding direction is one of three big frustrations people manage every day. Should I take/leave that job, date/dump that person, join/leave that group, Buy/sell that thing? People are lost and almost every decision they make reflects a desperate struggle to find their way.

We all make the best decisions we can based on the information we have available at the time. Good information usually leads to good decisions. Bad information usually leads to bad decisions. The way is easier to find when you know the truth. That’s why GPS is helpful. That random car I follow may not be so clever after all. The GPS knows precisely where the next turn is and guides me to it straight away.

John 14:6 says Jesus is, “…the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him.”

According to this verse, look at what Jesus is NOT:

  • He’s not a guide with good direction – He is the way.
  • He’s not a teller of truth – He is the truth.
  • He’s not a way of living – He is the life.

Jesus didn’t come to set up a new system of belief or to organize a new religion. He came to build a relationship with you. The reason His wisdom is sound, His counsel is good and His direction always right isn’t simply because He knows – it’s because He is. When you interact with Jesus you experience direction, truth and life.

“What would Jesus do,” is an inadequate cliche. When faced with another decision, don’t settle for trying to puzzle out what He would do. Instead, interact with who Jesus is.

  • When you lack direction. Jesus is the way.
  • When you’re surrounded by lies. Jesus is the truth.
  • When your way of living seems to be crashing down all around you. Jesus is the life.

Know the truth, follow the way, find life – This is Jesus.

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