Every Win a Sooner Win

Missouri is known as the ‘Show Me’ State. California is the ‘Golden’ State. Florida is the ‘Sunshine’ State. You get the idea. Every state has a nickname that describes what the people of that state are known for.

In Oklahoma, we’re the Sooner State. I graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University. We’re the Bison. Students at Tulsa University are the Hurricanes and there’s a little school up in Stillwater where everyone calls themselves a Cowboy.  Regardless of your school allegiance we all represent Oklahoma. It made me think…

Every win is a Sooner win.

I’ve said this a couple of times to Cowboy fans since their big win in the Fiesta Bowl. Their knee jerk reaction is to mock and ridicule me with a little resentment thrown in! Imagine that. Regardless of our reaction, the statement is true. The Cowboys of Stillwater, the Hurricanes of Tulsa, and yes, the Sooners of OU all represent something bigger than they’re school. There’s nothing wrong with our allegiances. It’s fun to poke at each other. You may think orange is beautiful. I may bleed crimson and cream, but there’s a bigger tribe we all represent.

You’re involved in other tribes too. There’s your kid’s baseball team and the High School that gave you a diploma. Your wife’s book club, the church you attend, or that weird group you joined on Facebook, Fans of Lou Ferrigno. You know, the guy who played the Incredible Hulk on TV.

Every where you go you represent the tribes you’re in and those tribes represent you.  The words you say, the things you do, your victories and defeats all affect how the world sees your tribe. Many of us claim to belong to Christ. We call ourselves Christians. We attend church regularly. It’s one of the tribes we represent. I wonder how you will represent this tribe today? Will the words you say and the things you do make people want to know more about Christ or will they push them further away? Can you celebrate the victories of the church down the street? Will you represent Jesus and His church well or will your words and actions cause others to cringe?

I Corinthians 11:1 says, “Imitate me, as I imitate Christ.” No matter what tribes you’re part of, as a Believer in Jesus Christ there is one tribe that matters most. Represent.




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  1. Sue Pittman
    Sue Pittman says:

    Thanks for this reminder. After the disaster & heartbreak of 2011, and after Dr. Swain’s sermon to glorify God in 2012, I’m claiming: “Let the words of my mouth & the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14.

  2. Chad Balthrop
    Chad Balthrop says:

    Hey Sue,
    Thanks for the comments. 2011 was a tough year. I believe God uses years like this to strengthen us, draw us closer to Him and prepare us for the road ahead. The Psalm you quoted is a great way to pray, think and live. You and Bill are an encouragement to me. THANKS!

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