Basket Case


Psalm 13:1-6.

Do you ever feel like you’re living Psalm 13. It starts with an impatient plea to God, “How long will you forget me, God?” Yet ends with a confident cry of trust and praise. In-between, the Psalmist declares His desire to overcome His enemies, to not be put to shame before them, and to bring glory and honor to God.

I believe God has called me to fulfill a specific purpose. I often ask God to give me the job no one else can do. If someone else can do it, then let them and let them receive the blessings of obedience that come from following Him. I want those blessings, but not for doing your job for you. I believe God has given us each a significant task and mine is different from yours.

God had a significant task for David. David would become the King of Israel and a blessing to future generations. Yet so much of David’s early life was spent running from enemies. So much of his early life looked less like a blessing and more like a curse. It’s in these moments that David would write a Psalm like this. “God, please don’t forget me.” I have to confess, that while no one is trying to kill me, there are times I feel exactly like David. “God, you’ve called me to a specific purpose, a significant task, when will you allow me to fulfill it? Don’t let my opponents get the last laugh, don’t let the naysayers be proven right, for the sake of your glory and your name do your work in me. I don’t understand your timing or your ways, I’m impatient for your answers, but I trust that it’s all under your control. So today, I give myself to you.”

Sometimes I’m a basket case. I’m up. I’m down. I’m confident. I’m confused. But like David, I pray that my faith will never waver. In all the confusion, as depression begins to set in, I pray I will always turn to God, tell Him what’s on my heart and be reminded of His great faithfulness to me and my family.

I wonder if you’re up or down today. I wonder if you’re confident or confused. God wants to hear from you. He’s not afraid of your cries for help or your fragile and ever-changing emotional states. Tell him what’s on your heart and mind and be reminded of His faithfulness.

God has a significant task for you. He is working it out right now. Turn to Him when you’re up. Trust Him when you’re down. He will lead you through the confusion.

As David would say, “I have trusted in your mercy. My heart shall rejoice in your salvation.”

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