Revenge Stories

Have you heard any good revenge stories lately?

I heard about one guy who carries golf balls in the glove compartment of his car. When someone cuts him off in traffic he speeds up, gets in front of them and then throws a handful of golf balls out his sun roof in hopes to even the score!

I heard about a women who caught her husband cheating on her. She went home, grabbed his tooth brush and immediately started using it to clean the inside of the toilet! She did this every day till the divorce was final – her husband never knew and often wondered why the toilet smelled so minty fresh!

And then there’s that member of your church staff – I’ll let you guess which one – who seems to delight in putting other people on mailing lists. He’s signed up people to receive Peter Popoff Prayer Clothes and at the State Fair every year he uses someone else’s name and contact info to sign up for everything from free siding quotes to free samples of Uncle Amos’ Hemorrhoid Cream. Not sure this one’s revenge, but rest assured. His time is coming. He will rue the day!

It seems we come pre-wired with the need for JUSTICE. We don’t like to be wronged and when we’re wronged we want the person at fault to receive full punishment for their indiscretion.

Justice is one of the defining characteristics of God. The Bible says that God is LOVE, but it also say that God is JUST. This means that the wrongs you have done and the wrongs done to you will eventually receive their just reward. Think about this – God’s JUSTICE is as unavoidable as His LOVE. Does that frighten you or encourage you?

There’s actually a pattern to how life works. We make CHOICES. These choices have CONSEQUENCES. And sometimes those consequences demand JUSTICE.

There’s more to this story we need to consider, but before we do I’d like to hear from you.

  • What’s the best REVENGE STORY you know?
  • How does FORGIVENESS relate to JUSTICE?

Until next time – watch out for flying golf balls, take care to treat your spouse right and be warned, The State Fair is coming. Wonderful new offers will soon await you!

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