Overcome Your Despicable Me

I once heard two chess masters discussing what it takes to be really good at chess. One chess master said, “All the great chess masters of the world think at least 5 moves ahead.” The older, wiser and better chess master sat back thoughtfully and then responded, “No, the best chess masters in the world only think ONE move ahead…it’s just always the right move.”

This week we discovered four truths that will help us live the life God intends. Now for the hard part. Can we put those truths into practice? Take a look back to refresh your memory or watch for the first time. You’re only one right choice away from overcoming your despicable me.

As a Believer in Jesus Christ you are (1 Peter 1:3-5):

  • ADOPTED into the FAMILY of God.
  • RESCUED from the PENALTY of sin.
  • PROTECTED from the POWER of temptation.
  • PROMISED a PERFECT inheritance.

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