Fully Devoted Follower

Being a fully devoted follower of Christ doesn’t mean you’re perfect. But a fully devoted follower is easy to identify. You can think of it like this, “A fully devoted follower of Christ studies God’s Word and prays daily, is involved with other Believers as they work together to share the love of Christ in their community; and actively seeks to make God-honoring choices in their life.”

Here’s another way to say it.

A Healthy Appetite + Healthy Activity + Healthy Choices = Fully Devoted Follower of Christ

Healthy Appetite

For a fully devoted follower of Christ a healthy appetite means you have a hunger for God’s Word and prayer. There is within you a constant desire for spiritual things and the classic spiritual disciplines of the faith. Someone with a healthy appetite will learn to feed themselves through personal Bible Study and devotionals. Prayer won’t be the emergency phone call in times of crisis, but will be a pattern for every day life. A healthy appetite for spiritual things doesn’t mean you’ll be perfect. But it does mean you will, on your own, be growing closer to God each day.

Healthy Activity

For a fully devoted follower of Christ healthy activity is church involvement, service in your community, and an intentional effort to share the gospel. When Believers come together for worship, to study Scripture, for accountability and to minister in their community we are called the Church. As the Church we discover, develop and deploy our abilities, experiences, resources and spiritual gifts in order to meet the needs of others. Every Believer should connect with the church in at least three unique ways:

  • Small group Bible study – this is a place to build lasting friendships as we study the Word of God together.
  • Worship Services – this is the place Believers come together to express praise and thanksgiving to God as we are challenged by God’s Word to fulfill our unique mission within our community.
  • Individual Connection – Whatever your age or stage of spiritual development you can find a place within the church for an individual connection that is uniquely ‘you’! For new Believers this connection may be a discipleship class designed to strengthen your faith in specific and practical ways. For more mature Believers it may be leading a ministry team, while every Believer can add value to others by serving as a volunteer in the ministry that fits you!

Healthy Choices

For a fully devoted follower of Christ healthy choices are choices that reflect obedience to God’s Word. The things you do to feed your healthy appetite, the opportunities you take for healthy activity, these will help you make healthy choices as you grow in Christ. None of us are perfect, but as we grow in Christ we should eventually learn to avoid those things that trip us up and pursue those things that bring glory to God — that’s what making healthy choices is all about.

Are you a fully devoted follower of Christ? What’s holding you back? Ask God to give you a healthy appetite. Begin taking part in healthy activity and discipline yourself to make right choices. Through the power of God you can become the person God designed you to be!

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