OneChurchI often wonder if the church we see today is the church Jesus had in mind. Scripture tells us a lot about Christ’s heart for the Church. Jesus died for the Church. When He returns He’s coming for the Church. In John 17 His prayer was for the unity of the Church.

The Church we’re talking about isn’t the building you come to on a Sunday morning or your denominational affiliation. This, big ‘C’, Church is the one described in Scripture as the body and bride of Christ.

In John 17:21 Jesus prays that His people would be one so that the world would believe. When I look at the church today we’re far from one. At best we’re a fractured picture of the beauty of Christ.

So here’s what I wonder…Is it possible for all these individual churches, with their different denominations and doctrinal stands, to come together in order to fulfill Scripture and impact this generation with the gospel, grace and love of Jesus Christ?

I believe it is. What if every church, regardless of denomination or creed would agree to move beyond the walls that separate us in order to work together to accomplish those things that unite us? What if we recognized that we are not, like so many businesses, competing organizations but each individually members of the big ‘C’ Church. We are designed to serve with one another. God built us to be better together.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to see churches of various denominations and sizes, from different parts of town, socioeconomic status, race and creed come together in order to demonstrate to the world the loving kindness and grace of God through Jesus Christ? I could see it starting right here in Green Country. It begins with common belief…

“We are The Church in Green Country – a network of self-governing, local communities of Believers individually expressing our worship to God, ministry to people, and faith in Jesus Christ as we collaborate, cooperate and communicate with one another in order to fulfill God’s passion for this region.”

Eventually this relationship could become more clearly defined by the core beliefs and core values on which we all agree. For example…regardless of denomination or church affiliation every church can affirm core values such as:

  • Prayer
  • Volunteer & Leadership Development
  • Social Justice

Imagine the influence leveraged by each church collaborating, cooperating and communicating with one another in order to meet the needs of our community as we each share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It’s as simple as this: Jesus prayed for unity. We should live it.

We are better together.

God Bless,

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