I’m sure you’ve got your reasons…

So what is your reason for trusting Christ and obeying him? John had plenty of them. Take a look at 1 John 1:1-4. With a ‘once upon a time’ John begins his story by telling everyone he has a lot of reasons for this hope he had.

  • VS. 1 (heard) – There’s the PROMISE he HEARD. For generations the Jewish people were searching for Messiah. John grew up hearing the prophecies and studying the stories. If Messiah came in his lifetime he would recognize Him.
  • VS. 1. (saw) – There was a PERSON he SAW. Along comes Jesus. All those promises, the words of the prophets had become flesh and now John could see it! He watched the way Jesus worked and found in Him the fulfillment of the prophecies he grew up hearing.
  • VS. 1 (handled) – An EXPERIENCE of his own. But John was no novice. Others had claimed to be Messiah. Some tried to manufacture the evidence. But with Jesus and John something was different. John didn’t take the press at face value. He walked where Jesus walked. He listened to His words, followed His ways, watched Him die then celebrated His resurrection. He experienced the Savior.

And the list goes on…John had reasons for following Jesus. what are yours?

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