A Day Without Chips – Day 2

A day without chips It’s day 2 and my experiment continues. First, I want to say thanks to the multitude of ‘well-wishers’, atta-boys’ and ‘go-for-its’ I received yesterday on Facebook. Even the snide remarks were encouraging. Who knew that posting a little note about fried corn could incite so much discussion! We’re really passionate about our chips!

Second, I should claim success for day one. My day 1 food included:

  • Breakfast – Fruit Cup w/ water
  • Lunch – French Onion Soup & Three Cheese Chicken Penne @ Applebee’s w/ water.
  • Dinner – a Chic-fil-a sandwhich, a partial order of fries w/ water.
  • Dessert – Small Butter Pecan Ice Cream with Heath Bar in it from Maggie Moo’s

Next, I should confess that this chip abstention really has nothing to do with health. If I was attempting to be healthy I would likely force down some vegetables, but since that only leads to strength and vitality – a quality I’ve comfortably lived without most of my life – I figured I should do something that would sustain my currently unhealthy life style while allowing me the opportunity to practice self control.

That’s what this is really all about. Who’s in charge of me? Do I let my appetite’s drive me or am I self controlled? Self control is listed as one of the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22. So, contrary to popular belief, I’m not waving good-bye to chips…or soft drinks for that matter. I’m simply trying to discover if I control my appetites or if my appetites control me.

It’s 10:00am on Day 2. So far, so good…

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