A Day Without Chips – Day 1

Chips @ SalsaI’m a chip-a-holic. For me, chips are a greater addiction than chocolate or soft drinks. I can resist a soda and drink water instead. I’m not, unfortunately, in the habit of making a meal out of chocolate or other desserts, but chips…I eat chips with almost everything: sandwiches, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, as an appetizer before a good steak, as a compliment to a nice piece of grilled fish. Give me some cheese dip and chips become a meal all by themselves! Chips are the primary staple of my diet.

And then there’s Mexican food – I ate at Ted’s last night. Is it possible that Ted’s tortilla’s and sopapilla’s are actually manna from heaven? Ted’s has four kinds of salsa. Ted’s regular, Salsa Verde, their cheese sauce – and my favorite – Habenero! If I can still feel my taste buds at the end of a meal at Ted’s something’s gone terribly wrong. And what is the primary purveyor of this mouth-numbing, spicy ecstasy!? CHIPS!

So today I begin an experiment in self control. How long can I go without eating chips?

It’s 8:00am on Day 1.

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  1. Teresa Gail Doss Stewart
    Teresa Gail Doss Stewart says:

    This has inspired me and is perfect timing from the Lord Himself~~~Yesterday I began working out on our elliptical and I felt alive again LOL I will try to track your success on here – keep writing – you are indeed entertaining and funny!!! Best wishes on gaining self control in this area, another failed attempt by the evil one to keep you worshiping something else here on earth.

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