What’s Right With the World

A Solidier's Prayer

I’ve been asking people to send pictures of What’s Right with the World – you can see the results by clicking the link above. Great pics! I’ll confess, selecting a ‘best’ pic was difficult – you all have really cute kids! However, this picture spoke to me. It was submitted by Elbert Wipf. How can this possibly be a picture of what’s right with the world? Isn’t this really wrong on so many levels?

He’s a soldier – carrying a weapon. He’s been trained to kill people and break things. How can this be what’s right with the world? If there really were such a thing as peace his training wouldn’t be necessary. If the world were genuinely safe he wouldn’t have to give up so much. And believe me; he’s given up a lot. He gave up his career. He left his family. He gave up his comfort. He serves on foreign ground. He’s given up his livelihood and one day he may be asked to give his life. How can this be what’s right with the world?

Almost every picture posted was about relationship. Kids and parents | Husbands and wives | friends and family | God’s own handiwork and a relationship with God himself. Then I came to this picture and I realized; this man’s sacrifice is the price paid for the protection of these relationships.

As I looked at the picture of this soldier kneeling to pray I recognized the noble character of self sacrifice, the incredible impact of living one’s life for a purpose greater than one’s self. This man, whoever he may be, is likely doing things he would prefer not to do, in a land he would prefer not to be in, under circumstances that are mostly far out of his control. Yet he serves. He serves willingly. He serves faithfully. He serves with skill and with honor and if necessary will give his last full measure of devotion for the principles he values and the people he’s sworn to protect. He has not chosen the easy path. He’s chosen the right path.

And that is without a doubt What’s Right with the World.

Love y’all, God Bless,

John 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”

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