Authentic – Go Put On Your Shoes

What do you want? I ask Jaiden this question and she always tells me she wants something that has to do with a Princess or Ice Cream. I ask Caedmon and he always tells me something that involves a ball or something he could use to fight bad guys (like a toy sword) or chocolate milk. When I ask Ethan (who turned one today!) he just sort of laughs and drools on me. It is pretty apparent though that what he really wants is to be able to get up, run around and tackle his brother and sister…he’s not there yet, but he’s getting closer. J

The requests of my children are charming, cute really, and as their father I will do everything in my power to get them what they ask for. I’m guessing you’re pretty much the same with your own children.

Truth be told most of the requests they make of me are pretty childish. None of them is older than 5 so childish requests make sense. Childish as they may be, still I try to get them what they want. I can’t always do it. Sometimes I shouldn’t do it. And then there are those times I desperately want to give them something, but I can’t give it to them until they fulfill some other action.

For example…All my kids love to play outside. They beg me to take them outside. It’s not uncommon for them to ask to go outside and for me to respond, “Yes, we can go outside. Go put on your shoes.” Usually what happens next is they race to put on their shoes then we go outside and play. But sometimes they look at me as though I’ve just said, ‘no’. They turn away and find something else to do inside the house. We’ll play together inside the house and again they will ask, “Daddy, can we go outside.” And I’ll say, “Yes, we can go outside. Go put on your shoes.” And again they look at me as though I’ve just said, ‘no’. This went so far once that as I was putting Jaiden and Caedmon in bed Jaiden said, “I’m sad, Dad. I thought we were going to go outside to play.” To which I responded, “Every time you asked I said ‘Yes’, we could go outside, but you never put on your shoes. I thought you didn’t really want to go outside.”

I wonder how many prayers we pray that are just like that? How many times have we asked God for something and He’s said, “Yes. Go put on your shoes.” And we’ve turned away from Him as though He’s said, ‘no’. I wonder if someday we’ll get to heaven and say, “God, I’m sad. I thought we were going to ________.” To which he responds, “Every time you asked I said ‘Yes’, but you never put on your shoes. I thought you didn’t really want to go.”

When I tell my children to put on their shoes I’m not being mean. I’m not being corrective. I’m not even trying to teach them some deep lesson. I’m simply telling them that if you want to go there you need shoes. I’ve even provided them with several different kinds of shoes to wear. Usually I don’t even care which shoes they choose. They could go with sandals, flip flops, tennis shoes or even snow boots…I’m not saying ‘no’ I’m simply saying, “If you want to go outside you need something on your feet.”

There are lots of passages of Scriptures that are like this. And I’m sure there are prayers you’ve prayed that qualify as having a ‘go put on your shoes answer’. One passage I find interesting is Matthew 5 – it’s the Beatitudes.

  • Do you want the kingdom of heaven? You should be poor in spirit.
  • Do you want to inherit the earth? You should be meek.
  • Do you want to be satisfied? You should hunger and thirst for righteousness.
  • Do you want mercy? You should be merciful.
  • Do you want to see God? You should be pure in heart.
  • Do you want to be a son of God? You should be a peacemaker.

There are other passages.

  • Do you want to be first? You should be last.
  • Do you want to lead? You should serve.

I don’t know what you’re praying about but just maybe God’s said ‘yes’. Now go put on your shoes.

Love y’all, God Bless,



Notes to Notice


It’s the end of the summer and the beginning of a new semester! Join us WEDNESDAY, September 5th as we kick of the NEW Semester of CAM. We’ll meet in Room 800 and discover what the new season holds – we’ll hear Christmas music and plans; we’ll discover more about and upcoming recording project and much more! It will be a night you don’t want to miss!


The next three weeks will be different for us. We’re running off the end of that unusual summer schedule and we’ll pick back up in September! Here’s what’s ahead

August 15th – NEXT WEEK – FRESH FISH – no rehearsal

August 22nd – FIRST S.T.E.P. – This is the night we pray at the schools. No rehearsals

August 29th – All Stars Children’s Kick Off – This is a night for the whole family. Everyone will be in the Worship Center. No rehearsals.

I’ll be in contact with the Praise Band and Praise Teams regarding special rehearsals for these weeks.

As you know…we’ve gotten so flexible now we’re fluid…the schedule is always adjusting. Keep your eyes on theScore to discover what’s on tap in the days to come!


Our church website has a new look and loads more information! Check it out – you can also read and comment on theScore online! Visit to read and post your comments today! I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!


Takes place NEXT THURSDAY – All of CAM will help lead on this night we launch into this new season of ministry together.

What: Opening Day

Who: ALL OF CAM & every other Ministry Team

When: Wednesday, August 15th – 6:30 – 8:00pm in the Worship Center

Dinner Before: FISH FRY – hosted by the Men’s Ministry Team

Dessert After: hosted by the Family Ministry Team


4:45 Fish Fry Begins


5:50 Video Run Through

o Coffee House

o Fresh Fish Testimonies – 1 – 6

6:05 Quartet Sound Check

6:10 Praise Band and Praise Team Sound Check

6:15 Doors Open

6:30 Service Begins

8:00 Ice Cream and Cookie in the Foyer!

STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE – Identify and Equip Leaders

II Timothy 2:2 say, “And the things you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

We believe the greatest among you will be the servant of all. God is raising up men and women who will take the baton of godly character, authentic faith, and servant-hearted leadership to all the world.


Prayer Requests

Mike & Wendi Stacy – PRAISE – They are doing well!

Misty Brown – Jim’s mom is in the hospital – pray for her recovery and that Doctor’s would have the wisdom to know how to treat her.

Merrilee Purnell – PRAISE – She’s having a baby!

Audrea Gustafson – Has quit her job per Doctor’s orders. Pray for her health and for this time of transition.

Lindy DwyerGary’s job situation is uncertain. Pray that God would continue to provide for the Dwyer’s and that they would be confident in His Faithfulness. If they need to make decisions regarding Gary’s career pray for wisdom and discernment.

Virgil Shelton – pray for his mom.

Chad – Anniversary PRAISE – thanks for allowing us the time to celebrate number 12. We missed you all, but had a great time!


Order of Service

Sunday AM – 08-12-08

Psalm 23:4

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IE | Countdown


Your Love is Deep – E, CHART [on the printer in 400]


Chad Balthrop


You Are Good – E, CHART


Dr. Roger Ferguson


Victory in Jesus – G, BH – 426

Peace in the Valley – C, CHART

When the Night is Falling – G, CHART


Keep Me Safe – GIW


Dr. Roger Ferguson


Your Love is Deep – E, CHART [on the printer in 400]

OFFERING | First in Action

Presentation of New Members


You Are Good – E, CHART

VIDEO | First in Action

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