Authentic – Stop, Think, Lift

“Stop | Think | Lift” My mom used to sell Avon. That was printed on the outside of every box she ordered. I’m not sure what makes a little war paint and smellin’ sauce weigh so much, but evidently the good people at Avon considered it so heavy that I should be warned to watch my back.

I wasn’t impressed with the box. It wasn’t that big. Besides, how much could a little make-up really weigh? So, without stopping or thinking before lifting I grabbed the box to hoist it to my shoulder. I did this only once before it came crashing down in a colorful sweet smelling mess all over my dad’s garage floor. I cleaned it up. I was 11 and for a week I smelled like a girl.

We do this all the time. We’re faced with a challenge and for a whole world of good reasons we believe we’re big enough to handle it on our own. There are warning signs everywhere. I’m not talking about the warning sign that reads, “DANGER! DO NOT PRESS THIS BUTTON” We’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding the obvious danger zones. I’m talking about the signs that say, “Stop | Think | Lift”. Or the ones that say “Watch your back.”

The Bible is full of warning signs. The big lists are what always come to mind first, “Don’t murder, don’t steal, etc, etc…” That’s not what I’m talking about. In the book of James God tells us to watch our mouths because if we can control our mouths we can be perfect people. The book of Proverbs tells us to watch what we watch because where we look tends to be where we end up going. Proverbs also tells us to be mindful of our heart because out of it springs all the issues of life. The Bible tells us to be careful in our relationships, discreet in our business dealings and considerate in how we handle those outside the faith. “Stop | Think | Lift – watch your back” These are very simple warnings for a box of things that represents something we should easily be able to handle. As a matter of fact God knows we’re going to handle these things. He’s not warning us to stay away. The box in your life may not contain anything inherently harmful, wicked or evil. But even a good thing handled in a bad way can cause a mess you may regret later.

So, what challenges do you face today that you’re trying to handle on your own? God has given you strength and ability, talents and experience. He expects you to use these things to face whatever challenge that comes against you. He’s also given you warnings and guidelines. It’s life…handle with care. This week pay close attention to the warning on the label. Watch your mouth…watch what you watch…learn discretion…read the warning signs. In doing so you’ll discover all the good things God’s got packaged up for you!

Love y’all, God Bless,


Notes to Notice

Come Hang with Me

CALLING ALL CAM MEMBERS! Whether you’re on the Drama Team, in the Choir, play an Instrument, Run a Camera or Decorate things – Wednesday, May 2nd from 6:30 – 8:00pm is for you and a guest! Invite someone to come hang with you and the rest of CAM TONIGHT out in the Hanger. We’ll prepare for Worship, have a great time together and discover what’s coming next in the life of CAM! Plan now to attend and bring someone with you. Don’t miss it!

We’re going with a summery, beach theme – if you’ve gotta grass skirt bring it and we’ll hula hang with you!

When: TONIGHT | Wednesday, May 2nd, 6:30 – 8:00pm

Where: the HANGAR, where the students meet regularly.

Who: Anyone involved in CAM!

We will have Praise Band and Praise Team rehearsal at 8:15pm in the Worship Center immediately after come hang with me!


Wednesday, May 30th will be our annual AWANA Recognition service in the Worship Center from 6:30 – 8:00pm. I would like to invite everyone involved in our regular rehearsals to attend. With inflatables, games and food as well as a special service this will be a great time for families. It’s also a great opportunity for us to reach out to parents who may not really attend church anywhere.

Because of this service we won’t have our regular Wednesday rehearsals. We will have Praise Band and Praise Team rehearsal from 8:15 – 9:30 in the Worship Center.


You all know Caleb. He’s our Assistant Student Minister and a gifted Lead Worshiper. Sunday, May 6th Caleb will lead our morning and evening services. Caleb has asked for our AM Praise Band and Praise Team to lead with him during the morning service and the PM Praise Band to lead with him during the New Community Service. Celebration Choir and Instrumental Ensemble we’d like for you to have this opportunity to experience worship with your family.

We’ll be back to our ‘normal’ rehearsals and schedule on Wednesday, May 9th & Sunday, May 13th – that Sunday is Mother’s Day! See you then!


A fully devoted follower is easy to identify. They make healthy choices. They have a healthy appetite for spiritual things – that’s prayer and Bible Study. And they participate in healthy activity – that’s church involvement. Are you involved in Small Group Bible Study? Do you participate in our Worship Services beyond the moments you’re on the platform or serving in the service? If you’re not, you’re missing out. To find out how you can be involved contact me,!


They’re out there, waiting to be asked. People who sing, play instruments, have a little technical knowledge and who are great people to be with. Who could you invite from your Sunday School class this week to be involved in CAM?

RESCUE – the Prayers We Pray

Health Issues

Dolly Mowery – She’s had an ongoing struggle with cancer. Currently she is fighting and infection. The doctors are attempting to get the right combination of medications.

Janet Greene’s Brother, Quentin – surgery in Shawnee

Chad Barnard – Jennifer had a bone scan with negative results

Kathleen Colburn – her mother has had two small strokes and is having health issues

Melissa Tyndall – ongoing health concerns

Pray for each name on the list like this, “Father, you are able to heal. You’ve given us doctors and medicine. You’ve surrounded each of these people with people who love and care for them. Let each person on the list be confident in Your grace. Heal them and let them tell the story of your salvation – not just spiritual, but physical – to those around them.

Spiritual Matters

Lori Thrun’s daughter – salvation

Pray like this, “Dear Jesus, soften her heart. Draw her to Yourself. Let her ask the right questions. Let Lori and Wally give the right answers. Help her understand and believe.”


Steve K. – Thanks to Carolyn Burd for the food she prepares for us every Sunday AM.

Praise like this, “Heavenly Father, thank you for Carolyn Burd. Bless her and her family. Give me opportunity this week to express my appreciation to her personally. Thank you, God, for the many ways you provide for our needs and for the people through whom you do it. I pray that I will always be grateful for the things you give and that I too would be generous and always ready to serve someone else.”

All these things we pray in Jesus name.

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