Authentic – Full Devotion

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Easter services this year were
fantastic! Everyone who helped set up, tear down, sing, play, push buttons,
manage people — from the simplest of tasks to the most complex, everyone did
a great job!

I would especially like to thank Darin Harrison, Dee Huggins, Brad
Williams & Vanessa Kehl – these four led worship in the Education Center
with the folks who attended services over there. What you were asked to do was
not easy and I’ve heard nothing but compliments from the people who attended
services in that room. THANKS for leading them well.

In the last edition of theScore I tried to define what a fully devoted
follower looks like. A fully devoted follower of Christ can be characterized by
three things:

1.       Healthy Appetite – this is a hunger for God’s Word, prayer
and personal spiritual disciplines.

2.       Healthy Activity – this is church involvement. I’m not
talking about being here every time the doors are open, but at a minimum being
involved in Worship Services, Sunday School and in some personal, individual
connection (like serving in CAM) on a weekly basis.

3.       Healthy Choices – knowing we should eat right and exercise
are not enough. We’ve got to actually get out there and do something about it.
That’s what healthy choices are all about. You can have the best of intentions
regarding your life with Christ, but until you make healthy choices you’re not
going to get anywhere. The good news is that Healthy Activity will lead you
into a healthy appetite and healthy choices, so you’re not alone. Better than
that. God has put His Holy Spirit inside you and the Bible says that He is
working in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure. So as we grow in
our faith these healthy choices should become less like daily struggles and
more like daily habits.

These are the characteristics of
someone who is a fully devoted follower of Christ. It’s not that they have
arrived at perfection. They’re certainly not Saints in the capitol ‘S’ sense,
but they are a work in progress and each day they move closer to God and are
encouraging others to do the same. If you consider yourself a fully devoted
follower of Christ your life should line up with these characteristics. But
there’s one more defining quality that we have yet to discuss.

A fully devoted follower will
lead others to become fully devoted
followers. That’s right. You’ve heard preachers call it ‘making disciples’. And
I would bet that most of us reading this are content being good followers…good
Christians. We think of ourselves as fully devoted followers, but do we really
consider ourselves disciple makers? We may even think of ourselves as leaders
rather than followers – but that’s not really the same as being a disciple

In the next few weeks we’re going
to look at what it means to be a disciple maker. Jesus only discipled 12 men.
These 12 men changed the world forever
and have changed eternity for you and me. Wouldn’t it be cool if over the
course of your life you could disciple 12 people who would change the world?

In the immortal words of the
renowned theologian, Yoda, “Two always there are, student and teacher”. We
would say Disciple and Disciple Maker. Who’s discipling you today and who do
you disciple? Begin praying that God would use you to disciple 12 people who
will change the world.


Love y’all, God Bless,




Notes to Notice




Things get
A-MAY-ZING for us during rehearsal in MAY – be watching here for more details
next week!



They’re out
there, waiting to be asked. People who sing, play instruments, have a little
technical knowledge and who are great people to be with. Who could you call
this week to invite to be part of CAM? Could
you send a quick email? Could you shoot ‘em a text message that says, “You can
do it…come with me to _______ “ This week. You make the call!



If YOU have an
interest in cameras, buttons, and anything that shows up on a screen, this is
for you! CAMTech will teach you the basics of video
production, and give you an opportunity to use everything you learn to glorify
God in a unique and creative way. Join us in Room 400 (the area just
behind the Worship
Center) TODAY at
. No production experience is necessary. If you have experience,
bring it with you! If you are currently serving in the Broadcast Ministry, join
us for CAMTech and bring anyone you know who has an interest in serving in this
area of ministry!




RESCUE – the Prayers We Pray


This week I want us to approach our
prayer requests from a different perspective. There are certainly a number of
significant needs within CAM. These needs are
physical, financial, spiritual and relational. It is God’s desire to meet all
your need according to His riches in glory.

Today I want us to consider how we pray and for what we pray. Have you noticed the majority of our requests are
about physical needs? There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s the easiest to see
and certainly affects our life directly.

For the next several weeks let’s try
something new. Let’s divide our requests into three categories.


For every person we put on our list
with a physical need let’s put someone on the list with a spiritual need
[salvation or otherwise] and something on the list that is a praise & celebration
of God’s work in our lives. These three don’t all have to come from the same
person or be a part of the same request. They can come from us as a group. The
purpose of this is not to down play the physical challenges we face, but to up
play the spiritual needs and God’s answers. Sometimes we fill our prayer lists
with physical needs simply because they are easier to talk about. No one wants
to reveal dirty spiritual laundry disguised as a prayer request in front of a
large group of people so rather than ask for prayer we keep things quietly to
ourselves. Let’s use discretion to guide us and when appropriate share minor
details – but if it’s not appropriate to say out loud simply tell us there’s an
unspoken spiritual need. Make sense?

Prayer is not preparation for God’s
work. Prayer is God’s work. Another way to say this, “When we work…we work.
When we pray, God works.”

I’m praying for you.



Order of

Sunday AM – 04-15-07

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It’s Amazing – F, GIW – 25



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