Authentic—Life Change What has God done for yo…

Authentic—Life Change

What has God done for you lately? Did you even notice? How has God used the people of this church…your friends and family…to impact your life? This Sunday we will share the stories of about 80 different church members…we’ll do it in a very short period of time. In the end we’ll look across the platform and see a snap shot of who we are as a church and what God has done in the lives of the people who attend here. And this will only be a small part of the story.

Do you realize that every Wednesday you come to prepare, every Sunday you come to lead, that you are a part of God’s strategic plan for redemptive history in this community? The stories of life change you’ll see across the platform this Sunday happened because of the grace of God. And God, in his wisdom, has chosen to let us see it. More than that, He’s chosen to let us be part of it. Every week I hear more stories. Stories of people who are hurt, lost, alone, tired, stressed, pour, hungry, needy, sick, unworthy, unable, under valued, unloved, spent, wasted, worried, guilt ridden and abused. And every week, in His remarkable way, I see God’s tender mercies transform these people into confident, forgiven, valued, treasured, peaceful, joyous, humble servants, adopted into His family and overjoyed to tell others about Him.

And in no small part you are responsible for the change. That’s the thing for me that is most remarkable about how God works. He doesn’t need me, but he chooses to involve me in His plan anyway. And He’s done the same with you. As you see these stories of life change standing on the platform this Sunday recognize that those stories would not be the same without you. You may not know the people, you may not have led them to Christ or taught their Sunday School class, but your leadership on the platform in the choir, in the instrumental ensemble, praise band, praise teams or on the tech team…your time preparing, your invitation to an anonymous stranger, your participation in Sunday School, your tithes and offerings – these all work together to make our church what it is. And I believe we are a church you can be proud of.

I’m not talking about the puffed up, full of yourself, bad kind of pride. Rather the abiding security that comes from knowing that as much as is up to me I am following God closely and doing the things He asks. I’m doing this with a group of like-minded Believers who are all more interested in following God and doing things His way rather than pursuing their own ease, comfort and pleasure. And this is what a church is really all about; the people God loves coming together to worship and serve in order to accomplish God’s strategic plan for redemptive history in this place. It’s about life God’s way. It’s about life together.

For those of you who have served faithfully for years let me take a moment to say to you, “Thanks”. Your ability, your passion and your faithfulness to God in service to your church, obedience through tithes and offerings, and compassion for the world around you has blessed me and my family. For this influence I am truly grateful.

For those of you new to the church…welcome to the family. It is my hope that we will discover together the joy of following God in all the great adventures He’s set before us. Our choices reflect our commitment. It’s my prayer that as the seasons change and we face together the new challenges of the future God has for us that our choices would continue to reflect our commitment to our Heavenly Father and to one another.

Love y’all, God Bless,


Notes to Notice

LIFE CHANGE – March 4th

Sunday, March 4th we’ll be sharing in our service stories of Life Change. We would love for you to be involved. Be at the ALL TOGETHER REHEARSAL tonight to learn more!


Hosted by NewSong, featuring Steven Curtis Chapman, Jeremy Camp, Hawk Nelson, Sanctus Real, Britt Nicole, Tony Nolan, and John Morgan; meet at the church at 5:00pm, we’ll go together. Tickets are $10, that night at the door. Bring a little extra $$$ we’ll get a bite to eat after the concert Sign up with Brenda. For information on the concert visit


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Sunday, April 8th – Our Services Caffeinated! Every Easter more people come visit us than any other Sunday of the year. So let’s make the most of this opportunity. We’ll do three services with an overflow venue in the Education Center led by a Praise Team. Jennifer Berry, 2006 Miss America will be here to share how God has made a difference in her life. And the Celebration Choir, Praise Band, Praise Teams and Instrumental Ensemble will all lead out in an incredible time of praise. We’ll be preparing for this Easter every Wednesday night this semester. Make plans now to be here and to lead well!


The goal of the Christians Arts Ministry is worship. Our desire is to teach Believers to delight the heart of the Father with every area of our lives, passionately expressing our love for God through the use of every talent and resource He’s given us for His glory and His pleasure.

RESCUE – the Prayers We Pray

Misty Brown – Her Dad is doing better!

PRAISE: “Thank you, God, for taking care of our loved ones. Continue to bring healing in his life.”

Melissa Tyndall – Ear Problems.

Pray like this: “Heavenly Father, let Melissa know your healing. Make her healthy and able to do all you’ve called her to do.”

Bonnie Walters – Chris Walters – will have gall bladder surgery March 5th.

Pray like this: “Dear Jesus, let Chris be well. Reduce the pain, remove the problem, bring healing and peace.”

Several People – Sick Kids / Family

Purnell’s & Balthrop’s – Sick Kiddo’s

Several people have been down with the flu or other virus…pray for God’s protection and healing.

Several People – Military Service

Bonnie Walter’s brother, Brian

Casey & Desha Clawson’s son, Trey

PRAISE – Michelle Maxwell’s brother, Steve Ladd, has returned safely from military service!

Charlie Winans

Pray like this: “Heavenly Father, let these men and their families know Your peace, comfort and favor. Protect them in their service and assure them of Your presence.”

Previous Requests…

Tony Foster – Continued Recovery.

Pray like this: “Father, do a miraculous work in his life and the life of his family. Let it be known that you are healer and provider for Tony Foster.”

Vanessa Kehl – Great Niece, Isabella, 5 months old – health problems.

Pray like this: “Father, bring healing to the Vanessa’s niece, bring comfort to the family.”

Cindy DeWitt – Sister-in-law is in Korea taking shots while pregnant.

Pray like this: “Father, you are Jehovah Rapha, the Healer. Let your healing come here.”

Wally & Lori Thrun’s daughter, Becky – does not have saving knowledge of Jesus.

Pray like this: “Dear Lord Jesus, open the eyes of Becky’s heart. Help her to hear, see, know and understand the gospel and why it’s important. Bring people into her life to continually plant, water and care for the seeds of faith in her life. Grow faith in her. Let her mom and dad know the right things to say and do to demonstrate your loving kindness and salvation.”

Order of Service

Sunday AM – 03-04-07

VTV – God’s Final Word – My Commitment Day


CD | Countdown

SERVICE START | Chad Balthrop


All Hail the Power – E > F, CHART (use the one I’ve printed to 400)

WELCOME | 28 Days Devotional

Dr. Roger Ferguson


No Other Gods – G, LOJ – 41

You Are Holy – G, CHART


My Savior, My God – D, CHART


Hungry – C, CHART (please check to make certain this is the usual key…if it’s not, let’s do it in D)


Thank You for Hearing Me – E, CHART


Dr. Roger Ferguson


Thank You for Hearing Me – E, CHART


I Will Never Be the Same Again – D, FILE


Page Cole


No Other Gods – G, LOJ – 41


God is Working

My Savior, My God

Oh Praise Him

All the Way to Calvary

More Than Enough

Church Medley

It’s Amazing

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