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In my family my mom is the ‘Maker of Christmas Traditions’. She’s the one humming the carols, doing the shopping, baking the goodies, coordinating schedules, working out menus, and lighting the lights. Whatever Mrs. Claus may think about her status as Queen of Christmas she can’t hold a candy cane to my mom.

Every Christmas my brother and I would get up early in the morning, like 4:30am, sneak into the living room and discover that the already over stacked pile of packages had somehow grown ever taller over night. In awe we would stand before the Christmas tree, for a moment stunned by the brilliance of the lights and the shear volume of wrapped boxes that spilled out from under the tree deep into the heart of the living room. As the shock wore off we would dive screaming into the packages, waking the rest of the house and beginning what was sure to be a morning of ripped wrapping paper, missing batteries, new toys and noisy games.

My dad comes into the room singing, “Gloom, despair and agony on me…” But not my mom. Bleary eyed she watched as her sons tore into the packages she so thoughtfully picked, purchased and prepared for just this moment. Then, just when we thought we were through, she would hand us one more gift—our stocking. Inside we would find smaller gifts. Batteries for the Game Boy, candy for later, tapes from the latest artist…gifts smaller in size and price, but just as lovingly chosen.

It’s interesting to watch my mom at Christmas. She takes stock of everything. She notices our needs, desires and whims and every Christmas dives deep in debt just to take care of her boys. Now she lavishes that same care onto her grandchildren. The detail she goes to is amazing…down to the last chocolate turtle in the last stocking to be dumped on the living room floor, there’s no question. Christmas with my mom is extravagant—and she works hard to make it so. And I don’t want it any other way.

The love of your Heavenly Father is extravagant. Daily He watches you. He notices your need. He knows your desires and even your whims. He has taken stock of me and you and lavished us with the most extravagant of gifts and just when you think He can’t possibly give anymore He hands you a stocking. The gift inside is not earth shattering. It’s not something as grandiose as a baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. But it is no less significant. Perhaps inside you find a kind word spoken at right moment or the help you need to finish the task. Maybe you open your stocking and discover something sweet you’ll save for later. Whatever you find, rest assured, with that one simple gift you will be reminded that this Christmas, God is thinking of you.

Maybe someday I’ll inherit the title, Maker of Christmas Traditions, in my family—I’m sure I won’t live up to my mom. Regardless, I can’t wait to open my stocking…I wonder what’s in yours.

Love y’all, God Bless,


Notes to Notice


DON’T FORGET! – We’re all hands on deck tonight at 6:30 in the Worship Center! This includes Celebration Choir, Praise Band, Instrumental Ensemble and Tech Crew not serving at the Dinner Theater!



“As Time Goes By” – 7:00pm, December 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th, & 16th – TICKETS are $8 and are on sale NOW in theCompass Bookstore – Reserve a table ASAP!

Sunday Night, December 17th – “Christmas | Past…Present…Eternal” with the Celebration Choir and Praise Band, Instrumental Ensemble, KICK & PreKICK Choirs!

SPECIAL REHEARSAL – Saturday, December 9th, 9am – 12:00 – Don’t miss it!

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service– Sunday Night, December 24th –

Rehearsal 4:00pm



Interested in singing for your food? Chic-Fil-A of Owasso has invited members of CAM from FBCO to sing or play Christmas music in their store throughout the month of December. Those who sing will get something to eat for free. We need groups of people willing to sing carols, play songs, etc…this would likely be a cappella or possibly with a small boom box. If you are interested, please contact Brenda Henderson


Sign up for Childcare for our special Saturday, December 9th rehearsal.

Sign up to help tear down the stage on Saturday, December 16th

Sign up to let us know you’ll be here for the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, Sunday night, December 24th

Sign up to be a part of a group singing at Chic-Fil-A

Sign up to take tickets during the Dinner Theater

Tonight, we need to hear from you! Don’t miss you opportunity to be involved in the all the exciting events taking place this month! For more details contact Brenda Henderson, or 918.516.6640

For what do you pray? | For whom do you pray? To whom do you pray? | How then shall we pray?

Beginning January 2007 right here in theScore we’ll begin printing in this space that which concerns you enough to bring it before God. I could call this area Prayer and Praise. We could consider this our prayer requests section. And it will be those things—but I hope for it to be more. Let’s come together before God concerning those issues that concern each of us personally and corporately the most. Busy schedules, family & church events, physical needs, finances, family, friendship and business relationships, church matters, heart matters—let’s hear the need and petition with one voice the One capable of meeting that need, then let’s celebrate together the great things God does daily!

God is waiting. God is listening. In 2007 let’s spend deliberate time together in conversation with Him!

Order of Service



Hark! Harold the Angel Sang

Away in a Manger

Choir Special—Let There Be Light


Your Name

O Come, O Come Emmanuel


You are Holy

Message—Dr. Roger Ferguson

Offering—Yet I will Praise You

Invitation—I Surrender All


Close— Hark! Harold the Angel Sang

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