Authentic – ‘Thanks’ & Something to Ponder…

If you missed the Fall Festival last night you missed an amazing time of controlled chaos, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria! You also missed Cody Harrison dressed as a 350lb ballerina – I guess the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree…if you know what I mean! But that’s an article for another time! I don’t think we’ll ever know how many people were here, but we know for sure of 59 families (that’s more than 250 people) who came but had never been in our church before!

Friends I would love to see involved in our church and in relationship with Christ came last night. These friends claim Halloween as their favorite holiday. They said, “What you all are doing here is better than trick or treating!” THANK YOU! To everyone who worked to make last night a success! From Donna Drenthe and her School House Rockers to the Crypt-Kicker 5 and everyone else who provided entertainment in Fellowship Hall, served at a game, brought candy, cleaned up, lifted heavy things…whatever you did to contribute to the success of last night – THANK YOU – you’re investment in time will have dividends in eternity.

I won’t write much more today but I would like you to consider something with me.

What’s the value of good intentions?

It’s a point I’ve pondered for a period. Perhaps the prose of this page will someday provide a practically pragmatic point on which we will pause and peruse together and discover that like the preponderance of “P’s” in this paragraph, good intentions allow us primarily to pretend that we are pursuing perfection when in reality good intentions are only a prelude that portent the important and position people to fulfill the purpose for which God has prepared them.

If you can find your way past all those “P’s” you might just discover the value of good intentions.

Love y’all, God Bless,


Notes to Notice

Family Reunion

THIS Sunday AM, November 5th is ALL HANDS ON DECK! Let’s fill the platform with musicians; Ushers, let’s get ready for the multitudes God will bring; everyone, let’s be ready for the incredible work God will do in us and through us! Make plans now to be here!

If you are not currently involved in Sunday School you should really come to the CAM Sunday School Class led by Vance Henderson. We meet at 10:45am in the Green Room behind the Worship Center after the music is finished in the Worship Services…We have a great time together and we would love for you to join us!

Christmas Plans – “Christmas | Past…Present…Eternal”

This December we’ll celebrate Christmas all month long! How!? The first weeks of December we’ll celebrate with a dinner theater:

“As Time Goes By” – A lifetime of Christmas traditions and celebrations through the eyes of faith, family & Friends.

TICKETS are $8 and go ON SALE, OCTOBER 31st during the FALL FESTIVAL – reserve a TABLE ASAP!

Sunday Night, December 10th – “Christmas | Past…Present…Eternal” with the Celebration Choir and Praise Band, Instrumental Ensemble, KICK & PreKICK Choirs!

SPECIAL REHEARSAL – Saturday, December 9th, 9am – 12:00 – Don’t miss it!

Sunday Night, December 17th – “A Family Christmas HomeComing” with the Families of FBCO. This is the night we sing our favorite Christmas songs as a congregation. This year we’ll have a twist – our special music will come from families within FBCO. Great music combined with stories of family Christmas traditions will make this a night people won’t forget.

Christmas Eve – Sunday Night, December 24th – Every year our Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service is standing room only! This year we will pack the Worship Center TWICE – with two, hour long opportunities for the people of our community to celebrate the birth of our Savior. We’ll ask every available Choir, Praise Band, Instrumental Ensemble, KICK and Tech member to be available for BOTH Christmas Eve Services.

Christmas Eve Rehearsal 4:00pm

Christmas Eve FIRST SERVICE 5:00pm

Christmas Eve SECOND SERVICE 7:00pm

Weekly Schedule Reminder

Here are the CALL TIMES for a typical SUNDAY AM – Remember, ON TIME = EARLY | EARLY = READY and from 8:30 – 8:50 we’ll clear the platform and all meet in Fellowship Hall for a light, continental style breakfast and for last minute instructions, prayer & consecration. I look forward to seeing everyone there!


Þ 7:15am TECH PREP

Þ 7:30 Drama Sound Check and Rehearse

Þ 7:45 Praise Band Sound Check

Þ 8:00 Praise Team

Þ 8:15 Special Music

Þ 8:20 Celebration Choir

Þ 8:30 Stage Clear, Doors Open, Background Music & Announcements Run

Þ 8:50 Countdown begins

Þ 8:55 Prelude – Live, instrumental, congregational or choir…

Þ 9:00 Service Begins


Þ 6:00pm Instrumental Ensemble WC

Þ 6:30 Celebration Choir | Tech Prep RM 800 & WC

Þ 7:00 Praise Band with IE WC


Þ 7:30 Drama Team RM 800

Þ 8:05 Praise Band & Praise Teams WC

Þ 9:00 Cookie Time!

Order of Service

Sunday AM – 11-05-06

Family Reunion

Pre-service – COUNTDOWN | CD

PRE-SERVICE (begin @ 9:55)

Instrumental Ensemble

SERVICE START | Chad Balthrop


You Will Be Our God – A, CHART

Let Your Praises Ring – E, CHART


Your Name – F > F# > G, CHART


Dr. Roger Ferguson


Coach Frid


Praise to the Lord the Almighty – F, BH – 14

VIDEO – ‘In the Spotlight’

For Good


In Christ Alone with the Solid Rock – Eb > F, CHART


Dr. Roger Ferguson


I Will Never Be the Same Again – D, CHART


SONG – CHRISTMAS – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

PAGE COLE – Thank Fall Festival | Bobby Welch

VIDEO – Tinkle Me Pink

Presentation of New Members

CloseLet Your Praises Ring – E, CHART

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