Authentic – Discretion vs. Deception

Proverbs 4:24

“Put away from you a deceitful mouth and put perverse lips far from you.”

Proverbs 4:24

Proverbs 2:11 – 12

“Discretion will preserve you, understanding will keep you. To deliver you from the way of evil, from the man who speaks perverse things.”

Proverbs 2:11 – 12

It is the deepest of philosophical questions. It has vexed men for ages. From the heights of the Himalaya Mountains to the depths of the ocean floor men have searched for the answer, for the meaning behind the question. Those who have braved an answer are met with scorn and those who would not answer met with ridicule. Who can know such deep and enigmatic things as this? Will anyone ever uncover the appropriate response? Of what great philosophical question do I speak?

“Do these pants make my rear look big?”

The best among us would say, “Honey, you make those pants look great!” The cold would say, “Yes.” And the cruel would say, “As compared to what!?” Yet still the question is asked and men trip over their tongues every time they try to answer.

Londa and I now have three kids. With the arrival of Ethan, Jaiden began asking another kind of uncomfortable question that makes Dads squirm. “Daddy, where do little babies come from?”

The Bible is clear about God’s view of TRUTH. In His view there is no room for deception. Anything that is not honest is not holy. Anything that is not truthful is not righteous. Therefore if we are to be fully devoted followers of Christ we must commit ourselves to knowing, living and speaking the truth with no mixture error or deception. While the questions I mentioned above are lighthearted they are examples of situations that test our honesty daily.

Truthfulness is important because it is from an honest and open exchange of ideas and expectations that we build the foundation of TRUST necessary for every healthy relationship; be it worker to boss, friend to friend, husband to wife or parent to child and any other combination you can imagine.

I would guess that most of us don’t struggle with big lies – you know, the kind of lies that get you fired, sent to prison or worse. But daily we are faced with questions that impact our integrity and let the people around you know whether or not you can be trusted. If you lie about the little things, then how long till you lie about something ‘important’?

Both of the lighthearted questions above can be answered honestly and in a way that builds up rather than tears down. The Bible calls this ‘discretion’. Discretion is an art we have lost today. Ask anyone. There is an assumption that everyone lies. Instead of truth we spin, we shape, we define and redefine the meaning of our words till we forget what its like to say what we mean and mean what we say. Our politicians are especially good at this. ‘Is’ absolute truth real? Well I guess that all depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is. — right!?

Here’s how you can tell the difference between discretion and deception in your own heart. Deception comes easy and always seems like a good idea at the time. It’s why we’re so comfortable telling those little white lies. We justify deception because we think it makes us look good. Besides, the whole truth could hurt the one to whom we lie. And that’s the heart of the matter. Deception tears down others. We tell our boss what he wants to hear rather than what he needs to hear. We tell our spouse nothing is wrong when there’s an elephant standing squarely in the middle of the room. We tell or children too much or too little and so they look for answers elsewhere.

Discretion is not easy. Discretion carefully chooses to share honest information wisely and in a way that builds trust even if what is said is unpleasant. It doesn’t mean I blurt out carelessly whatever comes to mind or every detail I know. But rather I say what’s necessary for edification and to communicate the truth of the matter. It’s different from spin – spin speaks what’s best for me. While discretion may not speak everything it knows discretion will always speak what’s accurate, even if the truth is harmful to me.

Discretion is the way God reveals truth. He’s not unloaded on us everything He knows about our life and our future, yet He has been completely honest and open with us. He has said, “Trust me, obey my Word and discover My favor.” In the midst of the storms of my life Jesus looks at me and says, “Oh ye of little faith,” then steps to the front of the boat commanding the winds and the waves saying, “Peace, be still.” And I come to know and experience a deeper truth about who He is and His love for me. Had I known about the storm I probably wouldn’t have gotten in the boat in the first place. That’s discretion.

Jaiden is 4 years old. When she asks about where babies come from she’s not looking for Biology 101. Discretion answers her honestly while not providing more information than a 4 year old would either comprehend or believe.

Discretion is also willing to say, “I don’t know.” Guys, I don’t know if we’ll ever find the right answer to the question about pants and behinds – I prefer the answer, “You make those pants look good.” Perhaps discretion will teach women not to ask and teach men how to pray more! J

This week stop telling little white lies. Let truth managed by discretion, govern how you speak, act and live. In doing so, you will grow in wisdom and in stature and in favor with both God and man.

Love y’all, God Bless,


Notes to Notice

Special Guests This Sunday

This Sunday AM & PM we’ll welcome Dr. Anthony Jordan, Executive Director of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma as our guest preacher with musical guest, Tim Haynes, Worship Leader at Oklahoma City’s Eagle Heights Church.

Tim will lead worship with the Celebration Choir and Praise Band. Tonight we’ll rehearse some of the music for Sunday as well as Christmas. Let’s all be here to support Tim as he leads our congregation in worship!

Instrumental Ensemble – we’ll rehearse from 6:30 – 8:00 tonight like normal, but we won’t play this Sunday. Every week you do a great job leading instrumentally. Thanks for all you do!

Fall Festival

Tuesday, October 31st from 6:00 – 8:00pm is Fall Festival. This year’s Fall Festival will be bigger and better than ever as we fill both buildings with exciting games, challenging events, inflatable’s, train rides, pony rides and more candy than Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! Parents are encouraged to bring their children in costume. It’s a sports theme (so support your Sooners!)

This is also an incredible opportunity for us to reach out to our community. Invite neighbors and friends. How can members of CAM be involved? In Fellowship Hall they will serve dinner and we’ll provide the entertainment! Sign up to sing or play a solo, put together and ensemble – Solo’s, Trio’s, Quartets, the word here is ‘variety’. To sign up tonight, see Brenda Henderson!

Family Reunion

Sunday AM, November 5th is ALL HANDS ON DECK! Why? That’s the day we’re asking every member to make special plans to be in Sunday School and Worship and to bring someone with them. It’s a Family Reunion! It’s about relationships! It’s about vision and recognizing the tremendous blessing God has both poured out on us and entrusted to us.

On that day, let’s fill the platform with musicians; Ushers, let’s get ready for the multitudes God will bring; everyone, let’s be ready for the incredible work God will do in us and through us! Make plans now to be here!

Christmas Plans – “Christmas | Past…Present…Eternal”

This December we’ll celebrate Christmas all month long! How!? The first weeks of December we’ll celebrate with a dinner theater:

“As Time Goes By” – A lifetime of Christmas traditions and celebrations through the eyes of faith, family & Friends.

Written by our very own, Randy Thomas, this funny and family-focused drama will capture your heart as it captures the heart of Christmas throughout multiple generations. This is not musical theater – but a three act play. We’ll need volunteers for acting, stage craft, costuming, technical arts, hosting, food services and everything in between. To volunteer contact Randy Thomas,, or Chad Balthrop,

Sunday Night, December 10th – “Christmas | Past…Present…Eternal” with the Celebration Choir and Praise Band, Instrumental Ensemble, KICK & PreKICK Choirs! During this great concert we’ll share Christmas music and family Christmas stories…stories of Christmas past, present and eternal! We’ll have a Dress Rehearsal on December 9th, from 9am – Noon.

Sunday Night, December 17th – “A Family Christmas HomeComing” with the Families of FBCO. This is the night we sing our favorite Christmas songs as a congregation. This year we’ll have a twist – our special music will come from families within FBCO. Great music combined with stories of family Christmas traditions will make this a night people won’t forget.

Christmas Eve – Sunday Night, December 24th – Every year our Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service is standing room only! This year we will pack the Worship Center TWICE – with two, hour long opportunities for the people of our community to celebrate the birth of our Savior. We’ll ask every available Choir, Praise Band, Instrumental Ensemble, KICK and Tech member to be available for BOTH Christmas Eve Services.

Christmas Eve Rehearsal 4:00pm

Christmas Eve FIRST SERVICE 5:00pm

Christmas Eve SECOND SERVICE 7:00pm

Weekly Schedule Reminder

Here are the CALL TIMES for a typical SUNDAY AM – Remember, ON TIME = EARLY | EARLY = READY and from 8:30 – 8:50 we’ll clear the platform and all meet in Fellowship Hall for a light, continental style breakfast and for last minute instructions, prayer & consecration. I look forward to seeing everyone there!


Þ 7:15am TECH PREP

Þ 7:30 Drama Sound Check and Rehearse

Þ 7:45 Praise Band Sound Check

Þ 8:00 Praise Team

Þ 8:15 Special Music

Þ 8:20 Celebration Choir

Þ 8:30 Stage Clear, Doors Open, Background Music & Announcements Run

Þ 8:50 Countdown begins

Þ 8:55 Prelude – Live, instrumental, congregational or choir…

Þ 9:00 Service Begins


Þ 6:00pm Instrumental Ensemble WC

Þ 6:30 Celebration Choir | Tech Prep RM 800 & WC

Þ 7:00 Praise Band with IE WC


Þ 7:30 Drama Team RM 800

Þ 8:05 Praise Band & Praise Teams WC

Þ 9:00 Cookie Time!

Order of Service

Sunday AM – 10-08-06

Staff Appreciation – Led by Tim Haynes & Dr. Anthony Jordan

Pre-service – COUNTDOWN | CD




Your Grace is Enough – A, CHART

I Will Do the Same – B, CHART


Dr. Roger Ferguson


Forever – G, CHART


When I Think About the Lord


Hallelujah, What a Savior – G > A, CHART

Agnus Dei – A, CHART


Dr. Anthony Jordan


Keyboard only


Page Cole

Presentation of New Members



Your Grace is Enough – A, CHART

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