Go Deeper – Frantic, A.K.A ‘Turning the Corner’

I’ve been thinking…I know, it’s a bit unusual and I avoid it as often as possible because, frankly, it hurts a lot. Regardless, I’ve been thinking. “About what have you been thinking?” the astute observer would ask, and you being very astute observers most certainly are wondering. And so tell you I shall. (Obviously all this thinking has confused my language to the point that I’m beginning to sound like Yoda)

Our role on Sunday’s is to lead worship. We do this through music, technology and the other creative arts. I’m proud of our team. We are artists who inspire others to worship. We encourage the members of our congregation to engage themselves in the topic of the day. We express our love for God in a way that draws lost people into His presence and challenges Believers to surrender to Him more. And while the task is glorious, the effect magnificent and the spirit of our service sweet there are still those times at the end of the day when I pause to consider, “Did we really turn the corner? Did we worship with our whole heart or were we so distracted by the mechanics of the moment that we lost the wonder of the one we worship?”

What a terrible tragedy it would be for the music to be majestic, the video to be awe-inspiring, the drama to be insightful, the technology to be flawless, the preaching to be powerful, and in the complexity of the production miss the simple point that our God is drawing us into a deeper relationship with Him.

We run hard on Sunday’s, and rightly so. It’s a race worth running. Many Sunday’s we run right up to the start of the service. This happens mostly because I’ve tried to arrange our schedule so that everyone can have the maximum amount of time to make it to church. You may or may not see this. You may or may not feel this, but some Sunday’s we push the envelope on our preparations, running sound checks for solos, or Instrumental Ensemble warm up, so close to the service start time that people sitting in the congregation can’t really tell if we’re still practicing or starting the service. Even worse, we don’t get a breath…no time to refocus our thoughts beyond the moment and onto the eternal.

I’ve wondered what our run would look like if we changed our Sunday AM schedule, not drastically, but by 15 minutes.

· What if we were finished with our warm ups, sound checks and Sunday AM rehearsal @ 8:30am every Sunday morning?

· What if the doors to the Worship Center were locked during our Sunday AM rehearsal so that no one coming to Worship would see ‘how we make the sausage’? The doors would open at 8:30, pre-service CD playing, announcements rolling. This time coincides with the end of our rehearsal. If we open the doors @ 8:30 we’re not really excluding people – most folks arrive between 8:45 & 9:15. Only those involved in the service are there significantly earlier.

· What if, from 8:30 – 8:55am, we were off the platform, away from the worship center, and in a place everyone involved in CAM could get a ‘continental’ style breakfast – you know something to munch on and something to drink?

· What if the choir could use that time from 8:30 to 8:55 in that same room off the platform to hammer out any last minute uncertainties with their director and a piano?

· What if the Tech Team could use that time from 8:30 – 8:55 to meet briefly to discuss any last minute changes, or questions they may have in order to make the service run smoothly?

· What if every team within CAM could use that time from 8:30 – 8:55 to ‘turn the corner’, to pray individually within our groups and to get our hearts and minds focused on the eternity behind the task at hand?

· What if we could do all of this and only have to change our Sunday morning call times by 15 minutes?

You all know me and the desire of my heart – I want us to lead well. I want to us lead from a pure heart, focused on the one true God. I want us to have the time we need for preparation both inward and outward. I want us to know the joy of fellowship that comes from serving together and I want us to experience this every time we get together.

15 minutes…that’s all. Begin praying about how 15 minutes could change the week (or eternity) for you…

Love y’all,


Notes to Notice

Making Contact

We all know someone who has been involved in CAM in the past, but has taken some time away – perhaps for summer vacations or to serve in another area of ministry. This week, take a look around and notice who’s here and who’s not. Then in the next several weeks begin inviting them back to CAM. We’ve all been given gifts, talents and resources – let’s fulfill our calling in the area of ministry God has given us to serve and let’s encourage our friends and family to do the same!


6:00 Instrumental Ensemble in the Worship Center
6:30 Celebration Choir in RM800
7:30 All Together in Worship Center

Praise Team Auditions

Every one who auditioned for Praise Teams did a great job! Thanks for trying out! Be watching here in the weeks to come for details what Praise Teams this fall will look like!

Opening Day – Character Auditions

It’s coming faster than we think; the beginning of a new school year, a new semester and a new season for everyone involved in CAM. Wednesday, August 30th at 6:30pm we’ll unveil plans for the new semester, including Christmas, meet new CAM leadership, introduce ourselves to new CAM members and discover what it means to be involved this season in CAM. Bring someone with you and let’s make this the best season in the life of our church yet!

FarPoint Weekend

It’s coming…September 15th & 16th – and we’re leading. Plan now to attend. More details to follow!

Order of Service

Sunday AM – 07-16-06

Pre-service – COUNTDOWN


You Are Redemption – (choir special)


Chad Balthrop


All Hail the Power – E > F, CHART (not iworship)

At the Name of Jesus – C, SPW – 234


Blessed Be Your Name – A, CHART (redman)

Blessed Be the Name – Ab, BH – 206

There’s Something About That Name – Eb, BH – 177

I Surrender All – D, (I’ll give you chart) (words from BH – 275)


You Are the Love of My Life


Denny Holzbauer


I Surrender All – D, BH – 275


Page Cole

Presentation of New Members


Blessed Be Your Name – A, CHART (redman)

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