Geographic Humor

First of all – thanks to everyone who last week sent feedback of some variety about theScore. I always love hearing from you. And your words were too kind. Because of time our rehearsals are often about ‘getting it done’ but ‘getting to know you’ is really what it’s all about. Thanks for being ‘get it done’ people – while we’re getting it done let’s never lose sight of our relationship with Christ and with one another. I believe God has made a way for us to be both Martha serving in the kitchen and Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus. Let’s make certain we make time for both!

So there I was sitting in the CAM Sunday School Class – [it’s taught by the world renowned, Vance Henderson and meets in the Green Room behind the Worship Center during the 10:45 hour. If you don’t already attend a small group Bible Study you should really come with us!] – Where was I? Oh yeah…

So there I was sitting in the CAM Sunday School Class minding my own business, my beautifully pregnant wife sitting next to me. Comments were made, prayer requests shared, class begun. That’s when it happened. Suddenly something in that room jumped up and HIT MY WIFE! As prayer concerns and Bible stories flew back and forth from one green wall to the next I looked over to my wife and she was shaking uncontrollably. Others in the room were slow to notice, but soon it became apparent that something had struck my wife smack dab in the middle of her funny bone.

She giggled and giggled…soon she began to wiggle. We’ve been warned about ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ so naturally I was concerned about the health of our unborn child. I told Londa as much but that only seemed to strike her funny bone even harder. The spectacle of a beautifully pregnant woman shaking uncontrollably with laughter soon became the center of class attention and that’s when Londa really broke loose. She didn’t role on the floor as one possessed but I could swear I saw milk shoot from both nostrils!

Vance, the wise teacher he is, finally got both Londa and the class under control. We finished our prayer requests and Jim Brown was asked to pray…Just as Jim said, “Heavenly Father,” something jumped up and hit Londa again! Imagine my dismay as this minister’s wife – my wife — hee-hawed uncontrollably at the prayerful laments of other people’s sick family members, upcoming surgeries and deeply personal spiritual needs. There I sat with a smile on my face and still I don’t really know what was so stinkin’ funny!

We’ve all been there at one time or another. You walk into a room, everyone’s laughing and you’re left on the outside wondering what was so funny. Someone tries to explain it to you, but the story just comes off as…well, you know…just not that funny. For whatever reason it doesn’t strike your funny bone, tickle your fancy or make you burst into side splitting laughter. You are left feeling somehow smaller or less a part of the group all because you just weren’t there to get it. We call it geographic humor – you know, ‘you just had to be there.’

I sometimes wonder if that’s how lost people feel when they come to church. Here they are in this large room, surrounded by people they probably don’t know. The people they meet are friendly; the music played is pleasant. These lost people in our services participate as best they can – standing and sitting when told, taking notes during the message…wondering quietly to themselves why we’re doing this giant, corporate karaoke song all together. Perhaps they leave the service to visit a Sunday School department. They find more smiling faces and of course food. Talk of children, politics, and the latest game on TV is followed by prayer requests and another story from the Bible. And just like someone who missed ground zero of some geographic humor they stand idly by with a smile on their face all the while wondering what it was they’ve really missed.

And the truth is they’ve missed so much. It’s one thing to miss the punch line of a good joke, but to miss the reality of eternity that surrounds them is fatal. So how will they catch it? When lost people come into our church how will we let them in on the most magnificent truth of all time?

We have to show, tell, do. When you arrive at church be aware of what’s going on around you. Come with ministry in mind. Actively look for ways in the short time we are together that you can invest in the lives of someone you meet at church. SHOW them the love of Christ. During our services SHOW them what passionate worship looks like. In our small group Bible Study SHOW them what care and compassion based around the Word of God is all about. The Bible says don’t just say you love people – really love them. That’s what SHOW is all about. As you speak to them TELL them about the love of God. TELL them stories about His work in your life. And finally DO. DO what you can to make them feel included. DO something to serve those around you. DO everything you can to make the most of our time together.

You’ll have to ask Londa what was so funny…I still don’t know. But let’s not leave our guests left out of the best news they could ever hear.

Love y’all,


Notes to Notice


6:00 Instrumental Ensemble in the Worship Center
6:30 Celebration Choir in RM800
7:30 All Together in Worship Center


It’s coming! Sunday night, July 2nd – WAYNE WATSON in concert! We’ll celebrate our Independence with a great night of music by recording artist, WAYNE WATSON. Tickets are $5 and on sale now in theCompass Bookstore and ONLINE @ – get yours today!


THIS SUNDAY, July 2nd be part of something special – join us as the Celebration Choir, Praise Band, Instrumental Ensemble, & Praise Team present a Celebration of Freedom!

Praise Team Auditions

Every one who auditioned for Praise Teams did a great job! Thanks for trying out! Be watching here in the weeks to come for details what Praise Teams this fall will look like!

Opening Day – Character Auditions

It’s coming faster than we think; the beginning of a new school year, a new semester and a new season for everyone involved in CAM. Wednesday, August 30th at 6:30pm we’ll unveil plans for the new semester, including Christmas, meet new CAM leadership, introduce ourselves to new CAM members and discover what it means to be involved this season in CAM. Bring someone with you and let’s make this the best season in the life of our church yet!

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